Buy Local for a Happy Holiday!

Enjoy a large selection of handpicked Solvang Christmas Trees from locally owned and operated Cesar's Trees, supplying Solvang and the Santa Ynez valley for 7+ years. Come join the X-Mas cheer next to Cesar's Car Wash at 3145 E. Hwy 246, Santa Ynez and get your Christmas trimmings! Questions? Bug Marty @ 805-455-5227


Why Our Trees - Local Delivery Available!

We have been supplying Solvang and Santa Ynez Valley with quality Christmas Trees locally for 7 years. This year is no different from the last; we get fresh shipments of quality Christmas Trees weekly from reputable tree farms and suppliers known for ecological practices and awareness. Like us on Facebook! Twitter Facebook   


Christmas Tree Care

Over half of the Christmas tree's weight is water when it is cut, so it is important to take proper care. With the right amount of care your tree can hold its shape, smell and color a lot longer, maintaining the quality of your display. HERE are a few tips.

A Solvang Christmas

Danish for "sunny field", settled by Danish Americans in Southern California early in the 1900's, the city of Solvang to this day continues to celebrate its Scandinavian roots with festivals year round in a Danish setting with windmills and all the near mystical trimmings. <More>


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